The Project
The “New Southern Home” is a showcase home featuring the design, luxury and technology which will set the pace for new home standards and the lifestyle of the South. Featuring the latest and most innovative products available in the marketplace, the 2007 New Southern Home incorporates “green” technology. By design, the home will be highly energy efficient, and built to withstand the extreme weather conditions that Florida can sometimes experience.

The James M. Krantz Construction Corporation has been selected to design and build the 2007 New Southern Home in Orlando, Florida, which will be built for display during the 29th annual Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) being held at the Orange County Convention Center July 12-14, 2007, and will remain open to the public during the International Builders’ Show.

The New Southern Home program is backed by the Florida Home Builders Association and is vastly considered the premiere show home in the Southeast, with its roots dating back to 1988. Like its predecessors, the 2007 New Southern Home promises to carry on this grand tradition and impress its varied audience with this spectacular 10,200 square feet “Southern Cottage” style home.

Ultimately, the mission of the New Southern Home is two-fold: to celebrate innovative and creative architecture, building and interior design, and to educate. Industry suppliers and community members will all join forces in support of the project.

The goals for the main house are as follows:

· To be as environmentally friendly, or “green” as possible, utilizing the latest advances in water conservation, solar energy, and low-maintenance landscaping.

· To be barrier-free and have unlimited accessibility for those with disabilities.

· To utilize as many useful, user-friendly technological “bells and whistles” as possible - useful being the key word.

Numerous promotional opportunities will be provided to those partnering with Krantz Construction on the project. Opportunities include, but are not limited to national exposure at the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) to be held July 12-14, 2007; recognition in Florida Homebuilder magazine and advertising discounts. The home will also be available for viewing during the International Builders’ Show. A formal listing of promotional opportunities is available and will be provided to each company participating in the project.

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